Why Royal Canin chooses
Geelen Counterflow

For a dry petcare factory, drying is the single most energy consuming part, accounting for approximately 1/3 of Mars energy usage.

The Associates of the Royal Canin factory in South Korea are currently innovating with a new hybrid dryer that significantly reduces gas consumption through electric sourcing as an alternative to fossil energy. We hope to potentially save up to 65% of the energy per dryer, meaning that we would reduce the overall drying consumption by 1/4. This test & learn approach represents a major innovative step not only for us but for the industry in general. 🔌♻️ 🌎

This is a great example of collaboration between the Mars Petcare global engineering team and the Royal Canin engineering team together with our global partners Geelen Counterflow and SNC-Lavalin. I feel so proud of you, teams! 🤝